LM Immigration Services

Residence permit

Do you want to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days? Then you will need a residence permit. We will be happy to help you apply for the residence permit.

Which conditions apply depends on the type of residence permit. First of all, there must be a ground for residence. This could be, for example, a Dutch or European family member, study, work or medical reasons. Each ground for residence has certain conditions that must be met before the residence permit can be applied for.

It can be difficult to decide for yourself what options you have and what preparations are needed before the application can be made. A lawyer or advocate can help you go through all the conditions and make sure you meet them before you apply for the residence permit.

LM Immigration Services is happy to help you apply for your residence permit.

You can contact us to apply for the following residence permits:


  • Partner (Dutch law/MVV procedure)
  • Partner of an EU citizen
  • Minor Dutch child (Chavez)
  • Minor child of an EU citizen
  • Minor child of another nationality
  • Review of EU law other family members
  • Review of EU law after the EU or Belgium route

Study and work

  • HBO or WO studies
  • Search year highly educated
  • Knowledge migrant
  • GVVA
  • Self-employed entrepreneur or start-up

Medical grounds

  • Postponement of departure under section 64 Vw
  • Medical treatment


  • Change current residence permit
  • Extending current residence permit
  • EU long-term resident or permanent resident
  • EU long-term resident from another Member State
  • EU citizen registration