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Migration law

LM Immigration Services specialises in migration law, also known as immigration law. We mainly deal with applications for residence permits. However, the world of migration law often involves more than just a residence permit. For example, problems with employment may arise if the employer is not aware of the laws and regulations, a parenting plan may be required for residence with a minor child, or there are questions in other areas of life.



Areas of law

LM Immigration Services has a wide range of knowledge in-house, enabling us to help you in matters beyond immigration law. These include employment law, personal and family law, tenancy law and administrative law. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Decision too late

Have you already applied for a residence permit or extension and the IND is late in deciding? If so, we can help you by sending a notice of default. If the IND still does not make a decision on time, we can lodge an appeal with the court. In both cases, the IND will owe you a penalty, i.e. they will have to pay you money for each day the decision is delayed.

Dutch nationality

Have you been in the Netherlands for several years with a valid residence permit and want to apply for Dutch nationality? If so, you can also come to us. We will be happy to help you prepare for the naturalisation or option application.

Among other things, you can contact us for the following:
- Notice of default for failure to decide on time
- Appeal against untimely decision
- Consultation naturalisation
- Parenting plan for purposes of residence
- Other legal advice